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Vision: The world’s premier association of resiliency professionals.

Mission: Shaping and supporting the global community of resilience practitioners.

2019 Strategic Goals 

  • Create new opportunities for member engagement and leadership growth within the organization each year.
  • Build, retain and sustain active chapters and aid the growth and development of current and new chapters.
  • Identify, build and implement at least three new products while retaining current ones.
  • Increase non-dues revenue to $25,000 while retaining all current sponsors.
  • Achieve a net positive growth in the number of members year-over-year.

2019 Strategic Goals 

  • Chapter Development – tasked with supporting current chapters, developing new ones, serving as a resource on programming. 
  • Innovations Committee – tasked with producing products and services that enhance the value of ACP membership.
  • Marketing and Communications Committee – tasked with enhancing awareness of ACP and its presence in the professional community, brand compliance and forward-facing communications.
  • Professional Development / Education Committee – tasked with oversite of webinars, mentorship and professional development 
  • Strategic Partnerships – tasked with developing partnerships to benefit members and generate non-dues revenue.
  • Member Engagement – tasked with growing membership numbers and engagement, and providing opportunities for members to grow into leadership positions in the organization.