About Us

The test ACP of Ohio Chapter is based in Ohio and meets throughout the state. We are currently seeking a primary meeting location close to the central part of the state; perhaps the Columbus area.

We are developing a community of professionals focusing on business continuity, security, and risk. We are uniting them through technology across great distances to share knowledge and grow the profession as it continues to emerge in Ohio.



The ACP of Ohio Chapter seeks to continuously bring value to its members by providing a venue where business continuity professionals can regularly meet, gain insight into and discover new resiliency methods, share experiences in new and inventive ways while working collaboratively to share ideas openly that do not cross proprietary lines, but progressively increase member knowledge that will ultimately benefit the person, our respective employers and the state of Ohio.


Board of Directors

President:  Chris Schmidt
Secretary: Aaron Craig
Treasurer: Darren Sliwinski
Membership Co-Chairs: Greg Hofferbert and Kim Sims
Communications:Pamela Bowers


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Chapter meetings are currently held every other month and move to different hosting locations throughout the state, however we are seeking a centralized meeting location to host a majority of our meetings at. If you would like to host a meeting or have a suggested location, please let us know.

Hosting is only supplying a meeting location, we have vendors wishing to sponsor our meetings covering cost of meals.

This current schedule is designed to encourage growth with a goal of having some regional chapters soon.

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