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       ACP Chapter Development Committee

1.  Charter:

  • To build on the qualities of our successful local chapters and offer opportunities to support/ strengthen and grow local chapter membership.
  • Expand into the geographic areas by connecting with the communities where we live and work.
  • To open the lines of communications to all ACP chapter presidents and members.
       -- President council meetings
       -- Utilizing the ACP website
       -- Increase awareness of events and webinars.

2. Initial Deliverables:

  • Chapter Outreach
       -- Directors Calls (to enhance and better communicate this to ACP members)
       -- Presidents Council meeting
  • Chapter Success Model
       -- High level goals for chapters.
       -- Each chapter is unique and should be measured uniquely on their success.

3. Useful skills for committee members:

  • Passion for local chapter success (each chapters success is unique)
  • Effective communication (written/ verbal)
  • Desire to work closely with other industry professionals

4. Committee Structure:

  • Co-Chairs: David Sayles / Megan Epperson
  • Supported by Lissette Giorgi

Goals and Scope (linked to ACP National Goals):

  • Sustain and retain all active Chapters, excluding those that have already voted to close, and aid in the positive growth of all Chapters.
  • Increase total paid membership by 10% to 1,855 members by 12/31/18.

When you are ready, please submit your interest by opening the questionnaire and providing some brief information. Thank you.