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    ACP  Innovations Committee



The mission of the Innovations Committee is to design, develop and deliver new products and services on behalf of the ACP with the explicit goal of creating additional, quantifiable value for our membership.

Committee members:

  • Appointed by the National Board
    Chair: Scott Baldwin
    Member: Susan Guinn
  • Appointed by the Committee

Initial Deliverables:

  • Identify, build and implement at least three new products or services that support our Vision & Mission and clearly enhance the ACP value proposition to our members by 9/30/18.

    Chapter Toolkit - further develop with additional documents and tools to increase its value to chapter leaders

    Diversity Outreach

    TBD – Membership outreach to identify most desired products/services
  • Develop multi-year roadmap with potential product/service deliverables

Useful Skills for Committee Members:

  • Create problem solver / outside the box thinker
  • Experience and or knowledge of technical tools that can be leveraged to push innovation
  • Open to new ideas from members, great at strategic hearing
  • Enthusiastic, organized and task oriented.

When you are ready, please submit your interest by opening the questionnaire and providing some brief information. Thank you.