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      ACP Membership Engagement Committee

Cheyene Marling/Lissette Giorgi
National board participants: Scott Baldwin & Mary Herbst

Our mission: Creating opportunity to attract individuals to ACP and increase the ability to participate and network in order to further develop as a professional

2018 committee goals:

  • Design a member mentorship program and target launch by Q3 2018
  • Attract emerging leaders to ACP – we define emerging leaders defined in 2 buckets
       -- Young professional new to the field (NextGen)
       -- The under developed professional
  • Add value to the National Member-at large
       --  Design a platform where they can network amongst themselves, we could also invite general current member population
               --  4 topics a year (one a quarter) for developing soft skills and any other topics of interest to develop the professional, i.e. becoming an effective presenter

Useful skills for committee members:

  • Comfortable with social media
  • Enthusiastic and passionate about this industry
  • Self-starter looking to expand their leadership qualities
  • Creative/problem solver
  • Organized

When you are ready, please submit your interest by opening the questionnaire and providing some brief information. Thank you.