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                 ACP  Operations Committee Charter


Manage and facilitate a positive customer experience of ACP members in their dealings with the organization’s headquarters. Manage the relationship of and maximize the value to members provided by ACP’s outsourced association management vendor. Establish and monitor metrics for sharing with the board status and progress of the ACP HQ experience from a member’s perspective. Coordinate with other board/member committees as appropriate (i.e. align web presence of national and chapters with input from Communications and Marketing, etc.)

  • Operations Committee
    • Co-Chairs: Ed Goldberg, Bret Adams; Member: Donna Jacobs

  • Existing commitments
    • Analytics, Budgeting, Finance, Governance
    • Member Report Log (periodic report to Board of member communications/requests received by ADG)
    • Chapter Websites
    • Long Island CAA
    • Pro-rata Chapter Dues
    • Issues & Escalation
    • Develop and manage a funding request process

  • Useful Skills for Committee Members
    • Interpersonal/communications skills for reaching out directly to members at large and chapter leadership
    • Organizational skills for monitoring and tracking headquarters activity, member interaction, etc.

When you are ready, please submit your interest by opening the questionnaire and providing some brief information. Thank you.