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     ACP Strategic Partnerships Committee


Charter: Strengthen and foster existing and potential partnerships and relationships with both public and private organizations. Working to drive revenue and exchange of ideas with new and existing sponsors. Ensuring mutual benefits for ACP members and sponsors through conference participation, webinars and other strategic initiatives

Strategic Partnerships Committee: 
Co-Chairs: Susan Guinn, Mary Herbst
Members: Ed Goldberg, Bret Adams

Evaluate existing relationships with our strategic partners and determine how we can strengthen them. We have opportunities to rebuild and look for more synergies and improvements with a goal to provide services and information to our membership. We will review our prior, current, and potential relationships as sponsors, private/public relationship and potential growth. Some examples may be:

  • Sponsorships
       -- DRJ
       -- Continuity Insights 
       -- DRII 
       -- Other as determined
  • Public/Private partnerships 
       -- DHS-ESSCC
       -- FEMA
  • Potential partners
       -- Firestorm
       -- Alert Find
       -- Others as determined

Useful Skills for Committee Members:

  • Interpersonal/communications skills for communicating with members, chapter leadership, and potential sponsors and partners
  • Similar skills for possibly “recruiting” new sponsors, securing (discounts for) booths and/or providing presentations at related conferences
  • Initiative and ability to “think outside the box”
  • Contract negotiation skills

When you are ready, please submit your interest by opening the questionnaire and providing some brief information. Thank you.