Planning for Pandemic Pandemonium – Business Continuity in the Post-COVID era

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Some things are more easily understood once broken. The damage reaped by COVID-19 can help us asses the soundness of our business continuity plans so that we might better prepare for the next natural disaster. What insights have we gained? How will our new understanding of the supply chair reshape our COOP plans? How sound would your COOP plans be in a scenario where there were no resources, personal or supplies to back it up?
In this first joint webinar between Tipping Point Resilience and Reimagine Resiliency, we take a look at the role that viruses – past, present and future – play in our world and examine how COVID-19 has forced us to rethink the modern-day COOP plan.

You will leave this presentation with:
•    An understanding of our 10,000-year relationship with viruses and our current susceptibility to novel outbreaks
•    Business continuity lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic
•    Thoughts on how to use the COVID-19 experience to spur workplace preparedness

May 28th, 2020 12:00 PM through  1:00 PM
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