Adaptive Business Continuity: A New Approach to Preparedness and Recovery

Date: Wednesday, May 17
Time: 12:00Noon – 1:00PM Eastern
Presenters: Mark Armour
                  David Lindstedt, PhD
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Traditional business continuity practices are followed the world over despite the lack of any true objective measure of their effectiveness. Since the inception of the discipline, we practitioners have fought to demonstrate value to the organizations we serve. We’ve also heard the same laments from practitioners and leaders for years: executive support is lacking and difficult to obtain, the BIA is cumbersome, people don’t follow their plans, companies can’t meet their recovery time objectives when real events occur, and the list goes on. There is a new, better way to approach this discipline, one that removes the roadblocks associated with accepted practices and paves the way for a more lean and agile methodology.

In this webinar, learn what Adaptive Business Continuity is all about and how to effectively execute in this new paradigm. Bring an open mind and prepare to have all your assumptions about business continuity be challenged!

Mark ArmourAbout the Presenters:
Mark Armour, (right) is the Global Director of Business Continuity for Brink’s Inc. a global secure logistics company and President of ACP’s North Texas Chapter. Mark joined the business continuity profession in November 2002. Since then he has helped lead the implementation and maturity of BC programs at a number of organizations. In that time he has championed a more agile and effective approach to organizational preparedness and sought to grow the profession and its practitioners.

Dr. David LindstedtDavid Lindstedt, PhD, (left) is the founder of Readiness Analytics, an organization focused on measuring recovery capabilities. Dr. Lindstedt has published in international journals, presented at numerous international conferences, and taught for Norwich University. He serves on the Editorial Board and is a frequent contributor to the Journal of Business Continuity and Emergency Planning. He is currently focused on shepherding the emergence of Adaptive BC at

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