An emerging ACP Chapter based in Anchorage, Alaska is moving closer to completing the process of officially joining ACP as our 37th Chapter.

The group of BC professionals is led by Brandon Magestro, a one-time ACP Central Arizona Chapter member who moved back to Anchorage and noticed something missing: “It was missing a community that was solely focused on this subject area (BC). There were a few groups that focused mostly on Emergency Management and public sector influence, but little that included the private sector, “ Magestro said.

AlaskaHis time in the Central Arizona Chapter played a big role in Magestro’s wanting to start the Anchorage Chapter. “It showed me the true value a group like ACP can offer to communities who do not have a united group of professionals focused on this industry,” he added.

The challenge Magestro encountered was an area where Business Continuity in the traditional sense is not as established as in other places. “What I found in Anchorage is that many companies assign the task of Business Continuity to Risk, Security or IT professionals. It is less common to find a professional whose title has Continuity, Recovery, etc. in it,” he said.

Still, though “Continuity” may not be in the job title, it is in job descriptions, and the professionals in those jobs are learning about ACP, enrolling as members and hoping their new ACP Chapter will be open for business in the very near future.