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Association of Continuity Professionals

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We are living in very trying times - more so than in past years when Fires, Floods and Power Outages dominated the Disaster Recovery scene.

Nowadays, we have the emergence of Cyber, Terror, Protests, International Intrigue and other areas of great concern. It's time for action!

This is your opportunity to be better prepared by joining the First State Delaware Chapter of the Association of Continuity Professionals (ACP).

Tailored from the SMB to Enterprise firms, the ACP is a professional organization that provides a forum for the exchange of experiences and information for business continuity leaders throughout a network of local Chapters. With Delaware having more corporate HQs than any other state - and a focus on the SMB market to serve their communities and these corporate HQ's, it's time to join us to gain exposure to dozens of ideas and resources to protect your employees, your businesses and your communities. And, all of this at a very fair fee based on the size of your firm.

The First State Delaware Chapter serves all three counties within the state of Delaware. Meetings are held in various locations or via Webinar throughout the state and occur quarterly. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting as Delaware serves as the headquarters for more Fortune 500 companies than in any other state. We have a real reason for collaboration! Join us!!




Lori Gorman, CBCP


Jason Lyons

Membership Director

Kimberly Carty

Programs Director

Shannon Lawson, CMBV, AMBCI

Information Director

Claudette Martin-Wus, MSISA, BSBA, CBCP, CEH, CHFI, CCENT

Public Relations Director

Dave Carpenter, CEM, NREMT-B, CHMT, SRT

upcoming events

Unless noted, meetings will be held in every quarter. Dates are subject to change. Specific meeting details will be sent with the invitation for each meeting to current members. You can attend as a visitor by contacting us.

ABout Us

Association of Contingency Planners - The First State (Delaware) Chapter is a non-profit trade association dedicated to fostering continued professional growth and development in effective Contingency & Business Resumption Planning. ACP is the recognized as the premier international networking and information exchange organization in the business continuity industry.

ACP provides members an excellent information exchange experience and opportunities to set response and recovery trends while strengthening relationships through public and private partnerships.

The First State ACP chapter members include business continuity, disaster recovery, audit/compliance, and emergency planners from the private and public sectors, including financial institutions, utility companies, schools/universities, property management firms, non-profit groups, local government agencies, third-party providers, and various other organizations. Founded in February, 2006, membership with 26 members joining or transferring to the chapter in the first year and growing!

Disclaimer: Sharing or giving access to secure portions of this site with non-ACP members is prohibited and considered to be a violation of the ACP Code of Ethics. Downloading secure information to share with non-members is NOT allowed.

Job Opportunities

BC Management, Inc. - listings to follow

To learn more about any position, please contact

Cheyene Marling - BC Management Inc. or 714-969-8006

about us

ACP connects and supports a diverse community of resilience and continuity professionals. 

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Become an ACP member at any time!

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3739 National Drive, Suite 202

Raleigh, NC 27612

(919) 314-6565

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