The ACP Florida Chapters will again hold a combined meeting at the conclusion of the DRJ Spring World Conference on March 27 at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL. ACP members attending DRJ Spring World are welcome to stay for the Florida Chapters' program.

What: ACP Member Meeting
When: Wednesday, March 27th, 1:00pm-3:00pm ET (immediately following DRJ Spring World Conference)
Where: Baja Conference Room, Disney Coronado Springs Resort
RSVPs: Emails required to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (ACP Members Only)

                            Jim Satterfield                                          Scott Ream
                               Jim Satterfield                                                 Scott Ream
                     CrisisRisk, Founder & President                    ACP National Board Chair

Leading Tomorrow’s Critical Crisis Decisions Today – Getting a seat at the table (Jim Satterfield)
Today’s strategic crisis risk environment has changed. In reviewing 2018 critical events, disasters, and crises, the ability to identify and control these events before escalation into a crisis is essential. Understanding each event’s crisis risk potential, the preparation required, and the responses needed empowers leadership. Today’s insurance coverages change responsibilities and actions for organizations whether cyber, violence, #METOO, brand, or reputation impacts.

Understanding the crisis risk empowers you to evaluate, analyze and compare crises regardless of cause, impact, and intensity. Events and incidents happen every day. Any specific event or incident does not necessarily have to escalate into a crisis. The “why, how and when” of your identification combined with your preparation and response determine the likelihood, duration, impact, and intensity of any crisis.

We will review the ABCs of crisis along with the new role of insurance, give you new decision tools to use, and conduct an interactive exercise.

The State of ACP (Scott Ream)
Where is ACP going? A review of 2018’s Strategic Goal performance, review of 2019 Strategic Goals, and a refresher on the six (6) Board Committees and their work.

Jim Satterfield, Founder and President of CrisisRisk, is a nationally recognized expert, keynote speaker and author on crisis management, threat assessment, disaster preparedness and business continuity planning. He has experience, as President, CEO and COO of public and private companies, in business continuity, communications, crisis management, environmental, insurance, reinsurance, risk management and technology. Jim has extensive expertise in the identification and quantification of risk.

Jim has led in the development of national standards for risk management, environmental risk and disaster due diligence. He has spoken to hundreds of groups on risk management, crisis management, governance, disaster planning and preparedness.

Jim’s analysis and experience in working with thousands of businesses has led to the foundation for all CrisisRisk services and initiatives. Jim emphasizes promoting and enforcing a culture of preparedness to protect an organization’s assets, brand/reputation, revenues and enterprise value.

Jim led the team that provided the crisis and media management support at Virginia Tech in response to the shootings, as well as hundreds of other client crisis engagements.

Jim’s philosophy is that “Every crisis is a human crisis.” He co-authored Disaster Ready People for A Disaster Ready America. The book guides individuals in developing their own preparedness plans at home. This benefits corporations as the key to having employees perform at work is for them to know their families are safe – a fundamental building block for all business continuity plans – at work.

Jim is also a dynamic, engaging and compelling public speaker and receives exceptionally high praise from his audiences. His keynote addresses, seminars, workshops and exercises are highly-interactive presentations on preparedness and response measures.

Jim is personally involved in selecting and designing exercises to fit the audience and speech topic. Test exercises engage the audience in the decision-making processes required of them during a crisis – a rare opportunity to practice both tactical and strategic measures before an actual emergency forces response.

Jim has conducted these preparedness seminars for public and private corporations, associations and government agencies. Promoting and enforcing a culture of preparedness protects a company’s assets.

Scott Ream is Chairman of the Board of Directors of ACP, the Association of Continuity Professionals. Scott Ream is the President of Virtual Corporation, and a business continuity pioneer, leader, author & strategist. With over 30 years in IT support, business process design & consulting services, he has leveraged his experience in the design of Virtual Corporation’s innovative products & services. His vision is that prudent, practical continuity preparedness can be cost effectively achieved & sustained. Scott has written many articles on continuity & frequently speaks at conferences. Scott has a BAS in electrical engineering & entrepreneurial business development from the University of Pennsylvania; a combined undergraduate degree from the Moore School of Electrical Engineering & the Wharton School of Business.