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Greater Alaska

The emerging ACP Chapter based in Anchorage, is filling a business continuity void in Alaska. It is developing a community of professionals focusing on business continuity, security and risk. We are uniting them through technology across great distances to share knowledge and grow the profession as it continues to emerge in Alaska.


  • President: David Briar
  • Vice President: Vacant
  • Secretary: Sandra Rennard
  • Treasurer: Vacant
  • Membership Director: Vacant
  • Program Director: Vacant
  • Information Director: Vacant


Chapter meetings are currently held the second Wednesday of each Month from 9am-10am. We are open to professionals all across the state and currently have registered members as north as Fairbanks and as south as Juneau. Given the large geographic area of Alaska, we offer each member the opportunity to attend our sessions virtually.

Previous Presentations

[2020] January - Resilience Seminar

[2018] November - Continuity of Government Conditions by David Briar

[2018] October - Tool Implementation by Leah Andrews

[2018] September - Managing Security in Hybrid IT / OT Environment by Skybox Security

[2018] June - Risk Management by David Briar

[2018] May - Program Adoption by Vivek Chakraborty, CEO at the Kavi Group

[2018] April - Ransomware by Royce Williams

[2018] March - IT: Trends in Disaster Recovery by MHA Consulting

[2018] February - Disaster Recovery by Dana Gonderzik

  About Us

ACP connects and supports a diverse community of resilience and continuity professionals. 

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