ACP Joins the Call for Justice

Dear ACP Members,

The Association of Continuity Professionals (ACP) joins the call for equity and justice for George Floyd and many others who have been lost at the hands of police brutality.

The events of the past week have left most Americans shaken and grieving. We watched in horror as George Floyd’s life was callously ended and the details played out in the public eye over and over. We have watched as African Americans and their allies in Minnesota and across this nation have taken to the streets to mourn, reaching epic proportions. The grief is not only for George Floyd, but is poured out for hundreds of years and thousands of instances of systemic brutality against people of color, by police and civilians alike. How do we as individuals and as an organization respond to these events?

As resilience professionals, we are in a unique position as we guide our organizations through their response and recovery activities. We stand with the Black Community demanding change now, enhancing access to justice and promoting human rights.

As an organization, ACP is a diverse organization that values its members, no matter who they are.

To the extent that we have not made our brothers and sisters of color and indigenous communities feel valued and respected, we must do better. As an organization, we must take a stand against racism across all cultures. Within ACP, that commitment means that we really see people of color and value their contributions, while affording them the opportunity to be elevated to leadership positions. It means we stand as supporters when they are marginalized or undervalued. It means we commit ourselves to promoting true equity, inclusion, and justice within our organization. It means we stand up to injustice whenever and wherever it rears its head.

Most of all, it means we recognize the value of each ACP member.


Scott Ream
ACP National Board Chair

Helpful Tips: Coronavirus - COVID-19

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