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Announcement: The 22nd Edition Global Compensation Report for Resiliency Professionals is Published!

20 May 2024 1:09 PM | Anonymous

The 22nd Edition Global Compensation Report for Resiliency Professionals highlights how different factors may impact a professional’s earning potential in the Resiliency profession and related disciplines (Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Management, and Crisis Management). The annual study assesses not only years of experience, job titles, degree, and certifications, but also real-world experience and leadership skills. This complimentary report details key findings and trends for both permanently employed professionals as well as contract/temporary/self-employed consultants within the Resilience Management profession on a global basis. This year’s report highlights several trends and insights that remained consistent with 2023, albeit with a slight downturn in the market.  While the report unveils nuances in earning potential and career trajectories, it also serves as a compass navigating through the currents of the job market for Resiliency professionals.


  • Wage Growth: -2.5% Globally (+2.4% USA, +8.1% UK, and +8.4% Canada)
  • Global Distribution of Annual Base Compensations: $10,000 - $380,000 USD
  • Professionals with an Advanced Degree: 84%
  • Respondents who are Certified: 81%
  • Changed Jobs in Last Year: 27% (12% New Company)
  • Unemployment Rate for BCM Profession: 2%


A complimentary copy of this report is available at https://www.wittobriens.com/resources/22nd-edition-global-compensation-report.  Please feel free to download and share with others.

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