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"Are You and Your Company Ready for What Happens Next?" presented by Regina Phelps

  • 18 Jun 2024
  • 1:00 PM


Are You and Your Company Ready for What Happens Next?

Have you noticed? The world is quite a mess these days. There is a good word that describes our current state – polycrisis. A Polycrisis occurs when present and future risks interact with each other to form a compounded crisis. It’s a cluster of related global risks with such compounding effects that the overall impact exceeds the sum of each part. Think about it – we have simultaneous and overlapping crises facing the world such as wars with major impacts beyond their borders, supply chain disruptions, infectious diseases spreading across the globe, gun violence and mass shootings, natural disasters, catastrophic cyber-attacks, societal dysfunction, a healthcare crisis and much, much more.

As crisis management and resilience professionals, we face a constant barrage of potential crises. To meet these challenges head-on, we need to be prepared. What do we need to have in place right now to ensure we can handle any situation? How can we continue to add value to our organizations every day? These are the questions we will address in this webinar. Join us to equip yourself and your team with the tools and knowledge to meet the moment.

Topics Covered

  • Situational awareness – Essential to be able to meet the moment
  • Incident Assessment – The process, plan and team that you need
  • Crisis teams – Tactical and strategic teams to provide essential direction
  • Exercises and training to ensure crisis readiness

Regina Phelps is an internationally recognized expert in crisis management, exercise design, and continuity planning. Since 1982, she has provided consultation and speaking services to clients on five continents. She founded Emergency Management & Safety Solutions, a consulting company specializing in crisis management, exercise design, and continuity and pandemic planning. A partial list of clients includes the Bank of Canada, Bank of Colombia, Bank of Peru, Graduate Institute of Geneva, IMF, Microsoft, Northern Trust, VISA, Ellie Mae, Lam Research, Whole Foods Market, Salt River Project, Stanford University, Caltech Institute, Nike, and the World Bank.

Ms. Phelps has conducted over 3,700 exercises for her large multi-national clients in her career. She has also lectured extensively at international disaster and business continuity conferences, including DRJ, Continuity Insights, WCDM, and IAEM.

Ms. Phelps is the author of three exercise design books: Emergency Management Exercises: Exercise Design, From Response to Recovery, Everything You Need to Know to Create a Great Exercise; Emergency Management Exercises: The Instructor’s Guide; and Cyber Breach. Her fourth book, Crisis Management – How to Develop a Powerful Program, was released in September 2018. She has also designed college-level courses in exercise design, written numerous papers, and given hundreds of lectures on the topic.


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